‘It’s inappropriate’ Nick Lachey sparks debate after sharing picture kissing son on the lips

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  • Nick Lachey has sparked debate on social media after sharing picture kissing son on the lips.

    The American singer shared two snaps of him and his son Camden on their way to his first day of kindergarten on his Instagram account.

    Because his little boy – one of the three children he shares with wife Vanessa Minnillo – is growing up, this also meant the ‘last day for public kisses’, and so he shared a picture of him and Camden sharing a sweet kiss.

    He wrote alongside the snaps: ‘My high & low for today: my son’s first day of Kindergaten, definitely a HIGH! Apparently also my last day for public kisses. Swipe ➡️😩 #proudpapa’.

    The snaps sparked controversy on social media, as some people said it was ‘innapropriate’ and ‘weird’ for Nick to be kissing his son on the lips.

    One said: ‘Kids kissing their parents on the lips was never a thing in our family and still doesn’t feel right. Not into it.’

    A second wrote: ‘I think its weird. I kiss there for head or there checks. That’s for there boyfriend or gf to do in my opinion.’

    A third added: ‘That kiss looks and is inappropriate and with all the pedophile news in the news your kissing your son like that is bizarre you freak.’

    However, others defended the dad and said the gesture shows he’s an affectionate father. One wrote: ‘I’ll be honest , it did used to creep me out .. and looking at it on other people with their kids it doesn’t look right… but I myself do it with my daughter. It just happens. And it feels right and it doesn’t come from a place of weirdness. So now I say, to each their own.’

    Another added: ‘I love a father who shows their kids affection, specially boys. That’s a beautiful thing and he’ll grow up to be a very loving person.’

    Nick is not the only celebrity parent to be criticised for kissing their children on the lips. Just a few months ago, fans criticised Jessica Biel for kissing her and Justin Timberlake’s son because they thought it was ‘weird’.

    What do you think about kissing children on the lips? Do you do it to your kids or do you think it’s strange? Head over to our Facebook group and let us know your thoughts!

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