Parents reveal the names they most regret giving their children

baby name regrets
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Becoming a parent is a huge milestone in life, and with it comes a mountain of responsibility. One of these is choosing the perfect baby name.

Some parents have revealed which baby names they regret giving their children, as well as the reasons why they now wish they'd chosen something else.

A survey by spoke to 5,842 parents to reveal their biggest baby name regrets, and the ones they'd never choose.

Surprisingly, a whopping 73 per cent of those surveyed said they'd thought of better names after naming their child.

30 per cent confessed that they hadn't given it enough thought beforehand, and 64 per cent said that their child's name 'didn't suit them'.

The biggest baby name regret was Hunter, with 32 per cent of parents wishing they hadn't went with that one.

This was followed by Jaxon (29 per cent), Carter (28 per cent) and Tobias (25 per cent).

For girls, parents admitted they regretted choosing Aurora (35 per cent), Arabella (32 per cent), Lyla (28 per cent), Amber (27 per cent) and Edith (24 per cent) for their little ones.

baby name regrets

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The biggest reason was the name not suiting their child, followed by their partner picking it (48 per cent).

Their friend picking the same name (37 per cent) was another concern, followed by children getting teased for their name at school (32 per cent).

Finally, 26 per cent parents admitted to regretting their child's name if a celebrity went with the same one.

There were also names that parents would never go for, adding to the list of unpopular baby names.

Names like Boris (76 per cent) and Donald (62 per cent) took the top spots because of their political connections.

83 per cent said they'd never call their baby girl Karen, based on the trend of calling middle aged women 'Karens' as an insult.

61 per cent said they'd avoid Meghan, due to the Duchess of Sussex sharing the same name.

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