Photographers capture the raw beauty of childbirth in these incredible photos

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  • Photographers teamed up with families to capture the beauty of birth and the results are breathtaking.

    In an act that truly celebrates the awe-inspiring act of nature that is childbirth, photographers from all over the world have been welcomed into the delivery room by families who allowed them to capture their own incredibly personal birth moments.

    Taking part in the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers annual Image of The Year competition, artists have shared these incredible photos that illustrate the raw, messiness of childbirth.

    These touching images also reveal the pain and imperfection of child birth, while showing the overwhelming and unbreakable bond of love within every family.

    The International Association of Professional Birth Photographers has now revealed the 2019 entries for its photography competition, and we are so excited to share just a few of them with you, including the winner.

    Warning: do not look at these pictures if you’re not willing to become quite seriously overwhelmed with emotion.

    First Place Winner – ‘Our rainbow baby is finally here’

    A whole family gathers around to excitedly welcome their tiny new addition.

    ‘Nuchal Cord’

    Credit: Lauren + Douglas, Australia

    Practitioners work to unravel an umbilical that is wrapped around a baby’s neck.

    ‘The Cry’

    Credit: 40+2 PHOTOGRAPHY, Spain

    A man looks on relieved as his new born baby is cuddled by its mother.

    ‘Just 5 More Minutes’

    Credit: Artist By Heart Photography, Missouri

    A new born lets out their first cry after being welcomed into the world.

    ‘Back on Land’

    Credir Katia G Photo, Canada (BC)

    A new mother engages in skin-to-skin contact with her baby.

    ‘Pure Joy’

    Credit: Little Wonders Photography, Sacramento (CA)

    The power of sisterhood gives a woman the strength to fight through the birthing process.

    ‘First steps, with beautiful umbilical cord’

    Credit: Rayke Geboortefotografie, Gelderland (The Netherlands)

    A new born baby takes its first steps with the umbilical cord still attached.

    ‘Golden Hour; when time stands still’

    A mother engages in skin-to-skin contact with her baby after a successful water birth.

    ‘First Contact after 14 Hours in NICU’

    Credit: Coastal Lifestyles Photography, Victoria (BC)

    A mother is reunited with her new born baby after 14 long hours apart.

    ‘Tears of a Father’

    Credit: Life & Lens Photography, Australia

    A father looks tearfully at his partner in awe as she cuddles their new born child.

    ‘All Settled In’

    Credit: Songbird and Oak Photography, Vancouver Island (BC)

    A new born nestles into their doting mother for comfort.

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