This picture of a woman standing on the street got people talking but can you spot why?

A picture of a woman standing on the street has gone viral but can you spot the reason why?

It's always unfortunate when optical illusions make perfectly innocent things look very rude.

From dresses to leggings, sometimes one little detail can make people have to do a double take because they can't believe their eyes.

That was the case when people spotted a woman standing on the pavement, while carrying an unusual carrier bag.

The shopping bag in question featured the close-up of a woman wearing lingerie shot from the side, but it was the placing of the bag that got people talking.

Because it was aligned with woman's hips, it made it seem like she was only wearing underwear and stockings, rather than her black jeans.

The snap was shared by viral meme account 'You had one job' and alongside the snap, they wrote: 'Had to look twice.'

The internet reacted to the snap, with one Twitter user writing in the comments: 'If I was offered a shopping bag which looked like that I would ask for something else!'

We probably would too! But the woman is not alone, as social media is filled with optical illusion pictures that make innocent things look very rude.

Recently, a picture of woman in a supermarket also went viral as her flesh-coloured legging made it seem like she was naked from the waist down.

The snap, shared by a Facebook user, showed a woman pushing a shopping trolley in a supermarket, wearing the now infamous leggings.

A photo posted by on

In another hilarious snap, one woman explained that she bought what she thought was a fairly innocent dress only until she noticed that it actually looked like... a vagina.

Have you ever spotted something like this on the street? Or have you ever bought something that turned out to be accidentally rude? Head over to our Facebook page and let us know in the comments!

Mariana Cerqueira
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