Mum's seemingly rude leggings go viral on social media for the most hilarious reason

A picture of a mum wearing seemingly rude leggings has gone viral on social media, but it's not quite what it seems...

Leggings are undoubtedly one of the trickiest items of clothing to get right. As comfy as the are, you never know just how see-through they really are until you bend down in public and someone has to awkwardly tell you they can see your knickers (or at least we hope someone would...).

But if things are already tricky, they only get trickier if we're talking about flesh-coloured leggings. And now a photo shared by a Facebook user shows exactly why we should never spend our pennies on a pair...

The snap, shared by Reannon Allison, shows a woman pushing a shopping trolley in a supermarket, wearing the now infamous leggings and we can't say it's something we'd ever dare to wear out...

Thanks to the colour of the leggings, the mum definitely looks like she's walking around naked from the waist down - as it was quickly pointed out by many people in the comments.

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One wrote in disbelief: 'I THOUGHT SHE WAS NAKED'; while another added: 'Thought she didn't have pants on till I looked at her ankles'.

A third also commented what everyone was thinking: 'Honestly thought she was naked waist down.'

And that's not the only thing that got people talking - many also spotted that the child in her shopping trolley looks a bit too old to be pushed around.

Reannon wrote alongside the snap of the mum in a supermarket: 'We were all so concerned with her pants we didn't notice the 175 month old in the buggy!'

The post has since been shared over 60,000 times, and gathered over 11,000 - mostly from people who can't believe their eyes.

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Mariana Cerqueira
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