Jessica Simpson’s fans warn her about dangerous pregnancy condition after she posts shocking picture

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  • Jessica Simpson’s fans have shown concern for the star after she asked for remedies to help with a common pregnancy problem on social media.

    Pregnancy comes with its fair share of side effects, and swollen ankles are one of them.

    The Simpson sister is struggling with that at the moment, and posted a picture of her very heavily swollen ankle on social media, hoping her fans would have any clever remedies for it.

    She wrote alongside the snap: ‘Any remedies?! Help!!!!’

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    Any remedies?! Help!!!!

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    But while many advised her to drink more water and keep her feet up, others expressed concerned for the mum, as the swelling she’s experiencing could be a symptom of pre-eclampsia.

    One said: ‘Please go see your OB/Midwife! This is a dangerous sign in pregnancy. Best wishes for you and a healthy baby.’

    Another commented: ‘My ankles looked like that my second pregnancy and I had preeclampsia. Let your MD and/or midwife know about the swelling and monitor your BP. For discomfort, I felt like ice packs or cold towels felt great.’

    A third wrote: ‘Girl make sure you don’t have pre-eclampsia! Seriously. If all good, lie on the bed with your legs/feet resting up on a wall.’

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    Sick Day

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    A fourth follower also urged to singer to get it checked out: ‘Oh my, they are really swollen. How far are you in your pregnancy? Because, not to sound alarming, this looks like preeclampsia.’

    While it’s not know what causes it, pre-eclampsia can be very dangerous for both the mum and the baby.

    ‘Pre-eclampsia kills around 1000 babies and 7 women every year,’ explains Ann Marie Barnard, Chief Executive of the charity Action on Pre-eclampsia.

    ‘The problem is that the majority of mums still haven’t heard of it and those who have often don’t realise how serious it can be. A lot of women who’ve suffered from pre-eclampsia ask us: “Why didn’t I know about this?” Because when it happens and it’s bad it’s the most terrifying thing.’

    Symptoms include swelling accompanied by rapid weight gain to the face and hands, as well as severe headaches, and feeling or being sick.

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