Pregnant mums will love this parka coat that grows with their baby bump

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  • This genius coat expands as your baby bump blossoms and can even be used after you've given birth as it fits around your baby carrier.

    Buying a coat can be difficult even when you’re not pregnant and they’re often quite expensive. If, like lots of other women, you find your clothes no longer fit when you’re pregnant and you’re having to buy more, you might be interested in an item that actually grows as you grow!

    Yes, the clever coat in question is a stylish parka coat from from Zip Us In. It has an adjustable, removable panel that fits around your bump and expands as you do.

    After you’ve given birth, you can also have the top of the panel open and have it fastened around your baby in a carrier, wrap or sling. The coat is fully lined and has lower zip pockets, a faux fur hood and three adjustable toggles.

    On the description, it’s described as cost effective and fashionable: ‘When you no longer require a Babywearing coat, simply remove the panel for continued wear without the need to buy a replacement. This versatile coat is a fantastic money saver and has been designed not to age in style from year to year.’

    The panel is even machine washable so you can keep it looking in top condition.

    You can buy the short length jacket from Amazon for £65 or if you buy directly from Zip Us In you’ll also find a long version of the coat which is good for keeping the tops of your legs warm.

    It isn’t the cheapest coat on the market but it could save you some money and a lot of cold winter days where you’re battling to cover your bump!

    The Zip Us In panel was first developed in 2013 and hit stores in Boots two years later. Zip Us In also have a range of fleece liners, hood fittings as well as a universal clip panel.

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