Primark are selling matching onesies for dogs and their owners

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If you’re a dog owner who’s partial to playing dress up with your pooch, then there’s some really great news in store.

Super affordable high street clothing giant, Primark, has totally revamped its doggy clothing options.

Now, your pet can be as well dressed as you, thanks to the brand’s new line, that will no doubt help your dog stand out at the park.

dog clothes

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There’s a sweet, bright yellow, hooded rain mac so your four-legged friend can channel some retro vibes on rainy days.

There’s also a bright blue, baby shark costume, because which dog doesn’t want to dress as one of the biggest trends of 2019?

Also in the collection is a sickly sweet, fluffy unicorn outfit, so you can turn your canine pal into an adorable ball of cotton candy cuteness. Aw.

To top things off, there’s even a stripy, Zebra suit, complete with bright pink cuffs, a rainbow tail and a hood with bow decorated ears.

dog clothes

Credit: Primark

But dogs won’t be alone when wearing this one- because there’s a matching onesie for their owners too.

So if twinning with your furry bestie has always been a dream- now’s the time to hit Primark.

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With the outfits priced at just £7, why not buy them all and give your doggy the best wardrobe in town?

If you’re more of a cat person, there’s something on offer for the felines too.

dog clothes

Credit: Primark

Primark is selling super stylish kitty collars complete with a glitzy fish pendant, available in both baby pink and grey.

Of course, the collars aren’t as out there as the canine wardrobe options, but we can’t imagine many cats would enjoy being dressed in a fluffy onesie.

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