The adorable reason babies like to sleep on your shoulder

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If you find that your baby always falls asleep on your shoulder, you're not alone and there is a very cute reason behind it...

Getting your baby to sleep can feel like mission impossible at times and you might have even found yourself searching for 'how to get a baby to sleep (opens in new tab)' online.

But out of all the many suggestions, have you found that your baby usually settles when positioned on your shoulder?

If so it's not surprising, as there is an adorable reason this position calms your baby down and puts them at ease.

Remember, your baby has just spent nine months in a warm, cosy womb with lots of noise and not a lot of room to wiggle around.

When they're born their reactions and sensitivity levels are heightened as they start to adapt to the world around them.

Anything that replicates the comfort and safety of the womb is therefore going to help settle them.

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Paediatrician Dr Gina Posner spoke to Romper and explained: 'When they come out into the world, temperatures vary, they have a strong startle reflex that wakes them frequently, and they are no longer in constant contact with their mom.'

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Is your shoulder the secret to getting your baby to sleep? 

Dr Posner added: 'Sleeping on a parent helps regulate their body temperature and allows them to hear mom’s heartbeat, which is very soothing.'

So when you're bobbing your little one around on your shoulder it's easy for them to settle because their entire body is rested against yours and as they drift off, the sound of your heartbeat will remind them of when they were in the womb – cute right?!

It's recommended that as soon as your baby is settled and asleep you put them in their bassinet or cot to sleep as it's safer.

Plus it allows you to go about your daily needs, or catch a little shut eye too!

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