Sad images show what the new normal will be like when children return to school

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  • Sad images have shown what the new normal could be like whenever children eventually return to school.

    Pictures from a nursery on the French-Belgian border have been shared on social media and they show the sad reality of how children will have to learn and socialise going forward.

    One image shows how boxes have been drawn all over the playground in chalk and each child has to play in their own separate box.

    Another heartbreaking shot demonstrates how neon green crosses have been drawn on the playground and each child is allowed to only sit on their own designated cross.

    The images are just a small insight into how one international children’s institution is going forward during the pandemic, giving us all an idea into how it could look once children over here in the UK start returning to schools.

    Just over a week ago Prime Minister Boris Johnson opened up on how the government plan to start moving the country out of lockdown and one of the main measures that he addressed was the reopening of schools across the nation.

    The Prime Minister revealed that the government are considering reopening schools in the coming weeks, with Reception pupils and pupils in Years 1 and 6 heading back to schools first.

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    Prime Minister Boris said that the government would look to make the change on 1st June, which is just 10 days away.

    However, teachers and parents have been the plans to reopen schools, with many parents not happy to send their children out into the coronavirus-ridden world and teachers wary about how it would work.

    Paul Whiteman, General Secretary of the National Association of Head Teachers, has stated that the organisation would not be happy for teachers and parents to return until proper safety measures are put in place.

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    “Schools stepped up immediately alongside other public services in response to this crisis,” he said to the Guardian. “Not through compulsion but through a determination to play their part.

    “Instructing school leaders and their teams to return without including them in the planning stages or sharing proper safety arrangements would be extremely reckless”.

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