Sharon Osbourne reveals daughter Aimee had to have emergency surgery

Sharon Osbourne
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Sharon Osbourne has revealed her daughter Aimee had to undergo emergency surgery.

The talk show host revealed the sad news on US programme The View, explaining that her eldest daughter is now recuperating, without disclosing what had happened.

She said, "She’s fine now, thank God. She’s out of pain, and she’s recuperating."

Despite her famous family, the 36-year-old likes to avoid the spotlight. At just 16-years-old, she left home because she did not want to be a part of their MTV reality TV show, The Osbournes.

Sharon also sadly revealed that her husband’s treatment for Parkison’s disease is having to be postponed due to the current coronavirus crisis.

Ozzy was due to fly to Switzerland for treatment this month, but they had to cancel their trip due to the global pandemic.

"We had to cancel our trip to Switzerland. And we were meant to go the eighth of April, but we had to cancel for his treatment”, she said.

"And we’re just hanging in like everybody else. You know, just trying to stay away, and be quiet, and just, you know, hold it in there.”

The X Factor judge went on to say that, like many other people around the world, she’s devastated by the current situation.

"But I honestly find this such frightening times. I just think it’s a really, really frightening time to be alive.

“I am not one of those people who is like ‘I am bonding with all these people’.

"I cry every day when I watch the death toll go up, and more and more people catch this virus, and I’m just you know, devastated by it. For me, I’m like, you know, heartbroken", she added.

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The couple revealed Ozzy’s struggle with the degenerative disease back in January.

Speaking to Good Morning America, he said, “It has been terribly challenging for us.

“I had to have surgery on my neck which screwed all my nerves.”

“I’m no good with secrets. I cannot walk around with it anymore. It’s like I’m running out of excuses.

“I feel better now that I have owned up to the fact that I have a case of Parkinson’s.”

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