A woman has given birth to six babies in just nine minutes

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  • A mum in Texas gave birth to sextuplets on Friday- in under 10 minutes!

    Brave (and presumably exhausted) new mum Thelma Chiaka gave birth to a pair of twin girls and two pairs of twin boys at the Women’s Hospital of Texas in Houston, USA, between 4.50am and 4.59am.

    The hospital shared the news in a Facebook post, asking, ‘Did you know that the odds of having sextuplets are estimated at one in 4.7 billion?’

    ‘The babies were born at weights ranging from one pound, 12 ounces to two pounds, 14 ounces,’ the hospital revealed in a statement. ‘They are in stable condition and will continue to receive care in the hospital’s advanced neonatal intensive care unit.’

    Thelma and the babies are all reported to be doing well. The new mum, who already has one child, has named her new daughters Zurial and Zina, but hasn’t come up with names for the boys yet.

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    Twitter users were swift to take to social media to congratulate Thelma. ‘Superb,’ said one. ‘Congratulations Thelma!’ another added. ‘Quick buy some lottery tickets!’

    1 in 30 births are twin births, while just 1 in 1,000 are triplets. Quadruplets are even rarer, with only a few thousand sets recorded worldwide, but you’re more likely to win the lottery than give birth to sextuplets!

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    . " في سابقة فريدة من نوعها.. عراقية تلد 7 توائم شهد العراق واقعة "فريدة" لم تحدث في بلاد الرافدين من قبل. وقالت مواقع إخبارية محلية، وفق ما نقلت سبق إن سيدة عراقية أنجبت سبعة توائم في محافظة "ديالى"، وأن الأم وأطفالها جميعًا في حالة صحية جيدة. وأصدرت دائرة "صحة ديالي"، بيانًا للإعلام بهذه المناسبة، أمس الاثنين، قالت فيه: ولدت سيدة اليوم في مستشفى البتول التعليمي بالمحافظة سبعة توائم هم ذكر واحد وست إناث. وبحسب "السومرية نيوز"، أشارت الدائرة في بيانها إلى أن الولادة كانت طبيعية بمستشفى البتول التعليمي، مؤكدة أن الأم والأطفال بحالة صحية جيدة. ونقلت شبكة "رووداو" الإعلامية، عن مدير إعلام صحة ديالى فارس العزاوي، تصريحه بأن ما حدث يعتبر "سابقة فريدة من نوعها على مستوى العراق".

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    Last month, a 25-year-old woman in Iraq gave birth to the country’s first ever set of septuplets, made up of six girls and a boy, in another incredible natural delivery. ‘I bow down to the woman,’ said one man on Twitter.

    The world’s first known surviving set of septuplets, the McCaughey siblings, turned 21 in November. They were born to parents Kenny and Bobbi McCaughey in Iowa in 1997.

    Nadya Suleman gave birth to octuplets in 2009, earning her the nickname Octomum. Her children, who were conceived through IVF, were the first set of octuplets known to have lived past their first week.