Stacey Solomon asks fans for advice after opening up about her son’s growing pains

Stacey Solomon

Loose Women’s Stacey Solomon took to Instagram Stories to share an update about her middle son Leighton, who is dealing with growing pains.

Alongside a photo of her youngest son, Rex, Stacey Solomon wrote, ‘Pickle is sleeping like a little frog. If any of you have advice for growing pains I'd love to hear it. My middle pickle really suffers with them and I feel a bit helpless atm. Love you all.’

Thankfully Stacey’s fans and fellow mums were on hand to help, with many of them sending messages with helpful tips and advice for how to handle the frustrating growing pains.

A few hours later, she followed up with another story thanking fans for their advice. She wrote, ‘Loads and loads of tips from you all RE: growing pains & lots of you saying your pickles are struggling too.’

She added, ‘So I thought I’d share the most popular ones with you…’

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Some of the suggestions included gentle massages, supportive shoes, covered hot water bottles, heat packs, children’s calpol or ibuprofen, and warm baths before bed.

Stacey Solomon ended her story by writing, ‘Thank you so much for your messages I’m going to give it all a go and let you know what works.’

Unfortunately growing pains are very common in young children. The NHS (opens in new tab) says that the pain is usually an aching or throbbing in both legs that occurs in the evening or night-time, and goes away by morning.

They added that the pain is in the muscles, not the joints, and that it’s more common in active children. The pains can be triggered after playing lots of sports.

Growing pains usually stop around the age of 12 and are harmless. However, you should see a GP if your child experiences severe symptoms such as pain so bad they can’t walk or they limp, there’s a rash, they have a high temperature, and they’re unexpectedly losing weight.