Strictly’s Reverend Richard Coles received a surprise Valentine’s Day Card from his partner two months after he died

Reverend Richard Coles
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Reverend Richard Coles has revealed the most lovely Valentine’s Day story.

The Strictly Come Dancing contestant tragically lost his partner Reverend David Coles at the end of last year at the age of 43, following a stint of illness.

Speaking to Zoe Ball on the BBC Radio 2 breakfast show, the former member of 1980s band The Communards, explained that although David passed away over two months ago, he still received a loving gesture from him on Valentine’s Day.

When asked by Zoe if he had been given any cards on the most romantic day of the year, which fell last Friday, Reverend Richard said, “I did, from my beloved, which came as rather a surprise, not because he is unromantic or forgetful, but because he died in December.

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“With remarkable foresight he arranged for me a Valentine’s card before he departed, and I’m very touched and grateful. And a bit surprised, because in widowhood you think your days of wine and roses are done. Not so.”

Richard took to social media to confirm the sad death of his civil partner when it occurred in mid December.

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Keeping the announcement simple, he thanked the medical staff who had cared for him in his final days, writing, ‘I’m very sorry to say that @RevDavidColes has died. He had been ill for a while. Thanks to the brilliant teams who looked after him at @KettGeneral. Funeral details to follow. “The Lord shall be thine everlasting light, and the days of thy mourning shall be ended”.’

The pair, who shared a celibate relationship, lived together with their pet pooches in n the vicarage of St Mary’s in Northamptonshire.

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