‘Most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen’ Mum horrified after daughter spots rude design on watch

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  • With Christmas just around the corner, you might start browsing for ideas to put on your list pretty soon.

    That’s exactly what one mum’s daughter was doing when she came across an ‘inappropriate’ design on a watch strap.

    An unnamed user on Mumsnet claims that her ‘fortunately adult’ daughter was browsing Swatch’s website, and spotted the rather crude design on one of the watches.

    In her post, the mum said her daughter ‘was browsing the Swatch watches site and was looking at their pages of art where you can choose a section of a design or old master to have as the design on your watchstrap’.

    ‘Great idea. Not sure about this “art” design though.’

    She then linked to the product, asking others if they would want to wear it themselves.

    Laetitia Khiara did one of the new Swatch designs, in collaboration with the University of Art & Design in Lausanne (ECAL). There’s five different designs as part of this collection.

    The product description reads, ‘Humour and lightness for a cheeky project which provides fun through thumbnail sketches of handdrawn female and male privates.’

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    Credit: Swatch

    This unique Swatch design has divided Mumsnet users, with one writing, ‘That’s the most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen.’

    Another said, ‘Not really me, but I think if you like something then wear it.’

    A third said, ‘Not my cup of tea. Struggling to be bothered about it though.’

    One user didn’t really understand the fuss about it, adding, ‘What an odd thing to name change for or get worked up about at all. I thought it was funny. What will happen if children see it? It’s hardly graphic.’

    Some users were concerned about children seeing the design due to it being ‘inappropriate’, whereas others didn’t see the problem.

    Another was more concerned about the price, saying they wouldn’t pay £97 for a watch.

    So it seems this design in particular has caused some controversy online, but at least there are a range of other Swatch patterns for those who aren’t a fan of this one!

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