Teacher’s clever ‘I need’ box idea goes viral on social media

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  • A teacher has shared her clever 'I need' box on social media, and her idea has quickly gone viral...

    Growing up is hard, and sometimes asking for help can feel like an impossible thing to do for children – be it with a school problem or something happening at home.

    To make things better for her students, one teacher came up with a very clever idea to make asking for help a lot easier for children at school.

    Julia Brown, from Texas in the US, shared her idea for an ‘I need’ box on Facebook, which means kids can use it to ask for help instead of saying it aloud.

    Alongside a picture of the box, she wrote: ‘I’m trying something new in my classroom. I’m calling this my “I need” box.

    ‘I’m going to set it out with notecards and pencils. If a student needs something they are not comfortable voicing aloud, they can write it on the notecard with their name and put it in the box. I’ll get back to them about it before the week is done.’

    Describing a few examples of things she wanted students to feel comfortable asking help for, she listed things like ‘I need help on a lesson we’ve already completed’; ‘I need school supplies’; ‘I need to talk to someone about a situation at home’; or simply ‘I need a hug’.

    She continued: ‘I just want to let my students know I’m there to help them with anything they need. We’ll see how it goes.’

    The post went viral on Facebook, and was shared a whooping 23,000 times.

    Many people praised the teacher for her idea, which many admitted could really make a difference in children’s lives.

    One said: ‘What a wonderful teacher you are. Reminds me of the neighbourhood school I went to growing up. I always knew I could go to any of the teachers in the school. You ROCK!’

    ‘Wonderful idea you are a good teacher we need teachers like you in THIS day and age’, another said.

    A third also commented: ‘Omg I love this idea! This is fantastic, all teachers should do this. This is also a great idea with kids and parents. Sometimes kids are to embarrassed to express things verbally.’

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