The Week Junior is now under £2 per copy with this amazing deal just in time for Christmas

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Looking for the perfect unique Christmas present for kids? 

The Week Junior is designed and written by experts to carefully explain news, science, sport, the arts, nature and technology to 8 to 14 year olds, encouraging them to explore their world and develop their own opinions. It explains our wonderful world in a safe, unbiased, age-appropriate way, inspiring kids to develop a lifelong love of reading, talk about what’s happening in the news, and get involved in their planet.

The magazine children can’t wait to read

Every week, subscribers devour 32 colourful pages full of thought-provoking articles, eye-catching photos, and big ideas—addressed to them and delivered right to their home. It’s amazing to see how kids engage and what they are inspired to express, think about, and do.

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Reading is a superpower

Reading sparks a lifetime love of learning, gets kids on track for success, and helps them identify and follow their passions. There are stories in The Week Junior that speak to every child and inspire them to keep reading. Plus, you’ll be delighted by what your child will bring to the dinner table—and into their classrooms—after reading The Week Junior. They’ll form their own opinions based on trusted, objective, unbiased reporting presented by literacy-minded editors and best-in-class fact-checkers.

The perfect gift for 8-14s

The Week Junior makes the perfect present for your child, grandchild, niece, nephew, or any special child in your life. 

  • For UK subscribers, you can give 19 issues for just £27.99 - and we'll send  you a card and festive activity pack to give on the big day. 
  • To start a subscription in the US, give 25 issues for just $49.95. Your subscription will also include a free puzzle magazine. 

Subscriptions will start with the first issue of the new year.

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