This GENIUS parenting hack for never having to call your kids down for dinner again has gone viral

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A savvy mum has taken to social media to share a brilliant hack that guarantees her little ones always arrive for dinner on time.

The viral TikTok revealed the "ultimate mum hack" of installing cheap doorbells throughout the house to easily call kids down for dinner.

Mum-of-four Arin, who uses the handle @arinsolange to publish renovation and lifestyle material, explained that it saves her from having to yell at her kids  to get them to come down for dinner, and other mothers have praised the brilliant idea.

Captioning the viral video Arin, penned, "TikTok made me do it: MOM HACK. We have four kids and I hate yelling in our house. I bought these little doorbells and they are a game changer."

@arinsolange There has never been a better #momhack - these little $15 doorbells have made our house so much more pleasant! Linked on my Amazon under ‘home favorites’ #fyp #momsoftiktok ♬ original sound - Arin Solange

Arin said that she has one doorbell button for each of her four children, which she keeps in a kitchen closet.

They have doorbells in each of their rooms, so she can ring each bell to let them know when they're needed, instead of shouting upstairs. She also uses them in the morning perfect for school runs.

She said, "There has never been a better mom hack. These small $15 doorbells have made our home so much more pleasant!"

Other brilliant hacks have surfaced online, including an amazing trick for checking if jeans fit without trying them on.

Arin's video has received  over 700,000 likes and 5,500 comments from impressed parents.

One shared, "We bought a bell at a thrift store for five dollars. Best five dollars I’ve ever spent. They all come running when I ring the bell.😂"

Another amazed parent gushed, "Yes! We have one in the basement playroom and we keep the remote upstairs. Game changer!"

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