Mum shares simple dummy hack 'guaranteed' to get your child to give up their pacifier for good

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Mum shares simple dummy hack is sure to get your child to give up their pacifier for good.

A parent has shared the simple hack she used to get her toddler to willingly get rid of their dummy for good - and it's so simple you'll wonder why you never thought of it before.

TikTok user @chikidsfeeding, who describes herself as a 'feeding specialist' has gone viral on the social media platform after she showed parents how best to get rid of their child's dummy without it being a crying battle.

For any parent, it's difficult to know exactly when the best time to get rid of a child's dummy but this mum has the best stress-free tip for when the time comes.

In the video captioned, 'A simple strategy to stop your baby’s pacifier habit!', which has racked up 4.2 million views, the mum shared her TikTok dummy hack. She took her followers through the simple steps and captioned the reels, 'Having trouble getting rid of that pesky pacifier? Here’s a trick. Take sharp scissors and snip the top.'

She then showed how repeating the method, cutting another chunk of the dummy end off meant that over time you should clip the gummy bit down further and further until only a tiny stub is left. And it appears she's not the only one using the technique.

The mum explained, 'Baby won’t find it as satisfying when there is a hole in the top. Mums and dad, you can do this,' she added with a warmth of encouragement.

Dummies, which are also known as pacifiers, a binky or soothers, are a device that babies suck on to calm themselves down when crying, restless, or struggling to sleep.

But one of the disadvantages to using the comforter is that some experts argue that dummies delay speech or can cause dental issues later in life.

And with the task of weaning your child off from needing to use a dummy, parents have been praising the TikTok dummy hack as 'such a good idea'. One person who followed the steps admitted, 'It worked for us' and another put, 'It will give heartbreak to my child but I will have to' and a third user confessed, 'My dad cut the whole thing off at once, he didn't even go little by little.'

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At what age should a child stop using a dummy?

You can stop using a dummy at any time. However, you should aim to stop using a dummy by 12 months. If you stop using dummies with your baby at three months, their memory of relying on this as a soothing mechanism will fade relatively quickly. However, it may become more difficult to wean your baby off a dummy between six months and a year because your child could become more reliant on it

How to get rid of a dummy for a 2-year-old:

If you're too scared to give the TikTok dummy hack a go then you could try these steps below which will also show you how can I get my child to get rid of their dummy:

  1. Set a date. Pick a quiet weekend when it doesn’t matter if you have a few broken night’s sleep. Make sure the time is right for your child too; don’t think about taking the dummy away if they’re going through a difficult time. This includes if you’ve just had a baby, moved house, or your child’s been recently ill. These are not good times to take away your child’s comforter.
  2. Replace it. If they’re worried about going to bed without the dummy, give them something to cheer them up. A special teddy to cuddle or a new duvet cover can make bedtime more attractive.
  3. Praise them. Focus on the time your child does sleep through without a dummy and give them lots of praise. This should build their confidence and also help you stay in a positive frame of mind.
  4. Try not to back down. If your child manages one night dummy-free they can manage the next, and so on. Do not give in if they suddenly decide they want the dummy back. This will help maintain confidence for you and the child.
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