The horrifying and dangerous TikTok trend you should warn your teenager against

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Most people who are parents to teenagers will likely be aware of TikTok.

The video sharing social media app, known for its popularity among Generation Z, became a household name during the coronavirus lockdown, with a host of celebrities jumping on the TikTok bandwagon.

But there’s more to TikTok than quirky challenges and dance routines – and if your teen is one of the many obsessed with the app, there’s some rather sketchy sides of the site you should be aware of. You might have heard of the controversial character and frankly misogynistic Andrew Tate, but here's another worrying trend you should know about.

Loose Women’s Nadia Sawalha left her co-stars shocked last week when she revealed that she encountered videos on sex tips and starvation diets when she took a quick scroll through TikTok, and the sad story of Archie Battersbee is the product of TikTok trend gone wrong.

Now, a new trend called Randonauting is taking the app by storm – and it could put young users in danger if they decide to try it out.

What is Randonauting?

Randonautica is an app that uses your location to take you on an adventure. Users can “manifest” the type of experience they want to encounter before being given a set of randomised coordinates to travel to. Many users report experiencing creepy or supernatural goings-on when they go Randonauting and TikTok is jam packed with spooky videos of people making some spine-chilling discoveries.

One of the most notable uploads shows a group of teenagers being lead to a deserted corner of a Seattle beach.

In the clip, posted by TikTok user @ughhenry, they can be seen discovering a black suitcase, before opening it to find it filled with plastic bags and a foul smell.

The viral video later reveals that after the teens called the police, they discovered that the washed up suitcase contained human remains.

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Seattle police later confirmed that the group of youngsters had uncovered parts of a body and that the group had been interviewed.

A Seattle Police Department statement read, “Police responded after receiving a call of a suspicious bag on the beach.

“Another bag was located in the water. Once the contents were determined to be remains, detectives responded to begin their investigation.”

Other videos show teenagers making eerie and “unexplainable” finds while going off alone to explore derelict areas and woodland, sometimes in the black of night. Some TikTok-ers even admitted to not letting anyone know where they were going before heading off to the random locations.

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One young girl reported being followed home by a stranger’s truck while another pair of users claimed to have been chased by a group of men in a boat when they were lead to a deserted beach.

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One more girl left viewers horrified when she filmed herself in floods of tears, alleging that the Randonautica app had lead her to somebody who had been shot on the side of the road.

In a statement, Randonautica has insisted that the frightening discoveries made by those using the app are coincidental, in light of the fact that the locations provided are selected at random and that the app “has no way of intercepting or providing specific locations”.

“The coordinates are random so it is the user's responsibility to adventure safely!”

TikTok has been contacted for comment.

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