‘Actually hurts a little’ Todder’s song ‘Dinosaurs In Love’ goes viral for its very emotional ending

You'll need tissues!
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  • A toddler’s made-up song has gone viral for its sweet but emotional lyrics.

    Fenn, the three-year-old daughter of singer Tom Rosenthal, proved her dad isn’t the only music-maker in the family.

    The toddler came up with the song titled “Dinosaurs in Love” and it’s got the internet talking.

    Tom shared a video of his daughter singing the tune on his Twitter, with the caption, ‘My nearly 4 year old daughter, recorded her first ever solo song today.

    ‘She came up with all the words herself and I helped her a little bit with the tune. It’s called “Dinosaurs in Love.”‘

    In the video, Fenn can be heard singing the lyrics of her song, along to a tune played by Tom on the piano.

    In the song, Fenn sings, “Dinosaurs eating people.

    “Dinosaurs in Love.

    “Dinosaurs having a party.

    “They eat fruit and cucumber/They fell in love.”

    Tom then asked, “Then what did they do?”

    To which she replies, “They say ‘Thank you,’”

    Before finishing the song with, “A bing bang came, and they died.

    “Dinosaurs/Dinosaurs fell in love.

    “But they didn’t say goodbye/But they didn’t say goodbye.”

    The tune – which is a minute long in total – has attracted a plethora of comments online, with many saying the song had them reaching for the tissues.

    One user tweeted, ‘The end hit me like a meteor.’

    While another replied to the tweet,‘This starts like a typical child’s song does and then the end actually hurts a little.’

    Another added, ‘I was not ready for the ending at all.’

    Someone else commented, ‘The ending……..in bits. Congrats Fenn, look forward to hearing your future work.’

    Spotify even replied to the tweet, saying, ‘Has Fenn decided on an official release date yet?’

    So far the tweet has received more than 39,000 retweets and more than 143,000 likes.

    It’s even been shared by the Natural History Museum, who posted it with the caption, ‘We’re not crying you’re crying.’

    We definitely have something in our eye…