Study reveals where the UK’s most embarrassing parents live

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  • A study has revealed where the UK's most embarrassing parents live... Are you one of the residents in this city?

    If your kids often say you’re the most embarrassing mum or dad in the world, this study might help you fight your case. Unless of course, you live in the area of the UK which really does have the most cringeworthy parents.

    The city with the most embarrassing parents, according to a survey of 5,000 young adults is Oxford!

    Yes, mums and dads living in the city with one of the country’s most prestigious universities have been called out as the most wild and raucous.

    Oxford took 45 per cent of the vote with the young adults claiming their parent’s actions are the most humiliating. A further 21 per cent also said that their parents drank too much alcohol and that they were incredibly embarrassed by their parent’s actions after they’ve had a glass or two of booze…

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    Do your kids think you’re embarrassing after a glass or two of wine? 

    Young adults in Edinburgh will be disappointed to hear that their city just missed out on the top spot. Their parents can continue to boast with glee that they clearly cannot be the most embarrassing parents in the UK as someone in Oxford must be more deserving of the title!

    When it comes to the city with the most well-behaved parents, Portsmouth bagged the title. Only three in 10 of the young adults said they were genuinely embarrassed by their tipsy parents and 17 per cent  believe they are more responsible than their parents were at the same age.

    Nearly 60 per cent of the young adults survey insist that their generation drink less than their parent’s and 44 per cent claim that their parents are not as health conscious either.

    Julia Alpan, head of marketing at Endsleigh, who conducted the survey, said: ‘There are many clichés when it comes to the behaviour of students, but this research shows that they are just that – as young people today appear to be far more sensible and better behaved than their parents’ generation.

    ‘Whether it’s drinking less, getting early nights, or spending more time focusing on their studies, modern students seem to be doing everything they can to not follow in their embarrassing parents’ footsteps.’

    Do your kids think you are the most embarrassing parent in the country? Do you have any funny stories you can share that might back up their argument? Head over to our Facebook page to get involved and share you experiences… We know you’ve got some gems! 

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