Vans has created sensory-inclusive shoes for people with autism

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Shoe company Vans has announced a new range of sensory-inclusive footwear designed for people with autism.

The new Vans shoes will be part of their Autism Awareness Collection, which has been designed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in mind.

These shoes have been created in partnership with the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards.

They include elements such as a 'calming colour palette' and 'design features that focus on the senses of touch, sight and sound'.

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According to the organisation Autism Speaks, sensory issues often accompany autism and people can be triggered by stimuli such as light, sound, smell or touch.

They said, "For example, many people on the spectrum are hypersensitive to bright lights or certain light wavelengths such as fluorescent lights."

Annoucing the new range via their Instagram account, Vans wrote, 'Introducing the Autism Awareness Collection, an ultra-comfortable footwear pack with sensory-inclusive elements and a calming color palette.'

Fans have praised Vans for the new range. One wrote, 'love this. getting a pair for my lil brother 💙'

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Another added, 'Love this!!!! 💙'

And a third wrote, 'So cute that they’re doing this'.

A statement on their website adds, 'A portion of the proceeds from Vans’ Autism Awareness Collection will benefit the A.skate Foundation, which introduces skateboarding to kids with Autism through acceptance, therapy and education.

'The Vans Autism Awareness Collection will be available this March.'

As well as footwear, shoppers can also pick up Vans long and short sleeved t-shirts as part of the new Autism Awareness range.

These items of clothing 'showcase graphic treatments in cool, calming color palettes'.

The new clothes and shoes are available now, ahead of Autism Awareness Month in April.

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