Woman slammed for ‘hijacking’ her best friend’s wedding after big announcement

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  • Weddings are a big moment in people’s lives, and all focus is on the bride and groom. But one guest has been criticised for sharing big news at her best friend’s wedding.

    Taking to Reddit, one user revealed that she’d announced her pregnancy at her best friend’s wedding and was met with criticism from others.

    Writing in the forum, the anonymous woman explained that she’d been through a five-year battle to conceive and had finally managed to fall pregnant.

    She explained, ‘My husband and I have been trying for a baby for over 5 years. When we went to a fertility doctor, we were told my husband had a low sperm count.

    ‘A few months later I was diagnosed with endometriosis, making our chances of natural conception incredibly low. We decided we were going to try for another year and then look into adoption. I found out in November that I’m pregnant and due in early August.’

    The anonymous woman attended her best friend’s wedding in January, and explained that they have a big group of friends and live ‘pretty far away from each other’.

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    She added, ‘It’s very rare we’re all together and the news of my long awaited pregnancy was one I wanted to share in person and not over the phone. I didn’t make a massive announcement, I simply just people as I saw them.

    ‘A lot of people knew we were struggling so wanted to see how we were getting on. It drew a bit of attention but nothing major.’

    However, her best friend was ‘furious’ at the news and accused the anonymous woman of ‘making the night about her’.

    She ended her post by saying, ‘I was apologetic but explained my reasoning and expected her to be happy for me. She was anything but and has made absolutely no effort with me since.’

    However, Reddit users weren’t sympathetic…

    One wrote, ‘You clearly knew your pregnancy announcement was a huge thing if you wanted to tell everyone in person and have been waiting as long as you have to be able to conceive.

    ‘Weddings and pregnancies are both high on the life achievement board. You should have just had your own party instead of hijacking someone else’s.’

    Another added, ‘This was not your day. Not the time to turn focus to you. Your friend has every right to be angry. Surely there was a different time or way to do this, your infertility struggles don’t give you the right to hijack someone else’s wedding day.’

    And a third said, ‘It was her day and you ruined it by making it about yourself. You should have waited to tell people till the day after. I can’t imagine being so selfish as to not consider your supposed best friends feelings about you taking the spotlight on her special day.’

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