Family who used cold cot to grieve stillborn baby fundraising to give other parents the same chance

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  • A family who used a cold cot, also known as a cuddle cot, to say a proper goodbye to their baby daughter who was born ‘sleeping’ are now fundraising to buy another one for the hospital where she was born.

    Caoimhe Parker discovered on Valentine’s Day that the baby she was carrying did not have a heartbeat, according to Belfast Live.

    She had a stillbirth three days later, at just 28 weeks pregnant, but the causes are still unknown.

    Thanks to a cold cot, which keeps the baby at a suitable temperature, the family had a chance to say a proper goodbye to their baby girl, who they named Cádhla Mae.

    It was during this time that the family took the heartbreaking picture of Cádhla Mae’s hands resting on her parents’ hands.

    According to Caoimhe’s cousin, Bronagh Christie, four babies died the same night as Cádhla, and the hospital only had three cold cots, so one family didn’t have the same chance to grieve.

    Image: Bronagh Christie/JustGiving

    To allow other parents to have the same opportunity to say goodbye to their babies, the family are now fundraising to donate a cold cot to the hospital.

    ‘There were four other babies who died that same night but there were only three cold cots so one family did not get the same opportunity Caoimhe had’, she told Belfast Live.

    ‘The cold cot she had was brand new and had been donated by another family who went through the same thing and it gave her the idea.’

    On the fundraising page, the family explain how they want to help other parents spend ‘valuable time’ with their babies, time that can help them grieve what is a very sad loss.

    ‘My cousin sadly lost her baby at 28 weeks as she was born asleep. She was given a cold cot that was donated by another family in same circumstances and this allowed the parents and family to have valuable time to spend with their daughter to grieve and it was time I know was greatly valued and appreciated by them.

    ‘In memory of baby Cádhla Mae Elliman-Parker we would like to raise the funds to donate another cold cot to give another family that valued time also.’

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