Fans jump to Billie Faiers’ defence after critics accuse her of giving daughter fake eyelashes

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  • Billie Faiers has caused controversy with her latest social media post, after sharing a picture of daughter Nelly that some believe show the tot wearing fake eyelashes.

    The TOWIE star is known for posting adorable snaps of her two-year-old daughter Nelly, but recently her pictures have caused some controversy with fans wondering if she has been using cosmetics on her daughter.

    Sharing a sweet picture with her 1.3 million followers, Billie showed off Nelly’s visit to Father Christmas at Harrods. The mum of one (soon to be two!) captured her adorable daughter in a suitably festive red and tartan outfit, with a white toy owl.

    The star captioned the picture, ‘A much more successful trip to see Father Christmas this year … 🙊🎄🎁❤️’

    A much more successful trip to see Father Christmas this year … 🙊🎄🎁❤️

    A post shared by Billie Faiers (@billiefaiersofficial) on

    Looking away from the camera, Nelly’s long, dark eyelashes look prominent, causing some fans to question if there’s been any enhancements.

    One user commented, ‘Have they put mascara on this little girl? Haha’ while another agreed, ‘I know this might sound ridiculous but are their fake eyelashes??’.

    Conflicting opinions began to circulate amongst her followers, with one adding: ‘I was thinking it looked like she has mascara on? Surely not maybe she just has long lashes lol’

    Billie’s loyal fans, however, were quick to rush to her defence, pointing out how difficult it would be to put mascara on a child and how sensitive Nelly’s skin would be.

    Social media users flooded the image with comments of support for the boutique owner, such as, ‘Do people seriously think she’s putting mascara on her young daughter? There was a photo of her asleep recently and u can see her eyelashes are naturally long and dark.. people need to get a grip ffs’.

    ‘Omg! Listen to yourselves, do you really think she would put mascara on her! children are known to have long eyelashes whether they are blonde or not’

    ‘Fair enough but I don’t think she’s stupid enough to put makeup on her at this age when her skin is still sensitive.’

    Billie is yet to respond to the criticism.