Fans slam Tamara Ecclestone for being 'obsessed' with her three-year-old daughter Sophia

The Formula One heiress has let the cameras in on her life with her new reality TV show

Mum-of-one Tamara Ecclestone has had her relationship with her three-year-old daughter Sophia branded as

'codependent' and 'unhealthy'.

After inviting cameras into their life for her new ITVBe reality show, Tamara's World, the daughter of Formula One billionaire boss Bernie Ecclestone and her husband Jay Rutland have come under fire from fans for their parenting decisions.

A recent episode of the programme showed Tamara looking beside herself as she prepared for Sophia's first day at nursery.

Talking to her husband, Jay, Tamara said: 'I'm worried that they'll make her wipe her own poo. She's not ready for that... This is so awful!'

'I'm worried, but at the same time I'm trying to keep things as normal as possible for Fifi... Today is an awful day. Today is a tragedy.'

Image: ITVBe Tamara's World

Many audience members took to Twitter to criticise the mum's reaction, with one even declaring that Tamara is 'obsessed' with her daughter.

'Shocked by the relationship between Tamara and her daughter, you have to let children have independence even at a young age or there will be serious consequences later,' wrote one commenter, whilst another wrote: 'Tamara has created the most unhealthy relationship between her and her daughter where she's too dependent on her daughter's company.'

A third viewer agreed: 'I don't think being so codependent to ur child or a child to her mother is healthy & she needs alone time with her husband & time away from her child she's not a bad Mum for having some "me time".'

'Hmmm I reckon Tamara is sooo obsessed with fifi like unhealthily poor hubby,' another chimed in.

However, there were also some words of support for Tamara on social media.

'I genuinely think Tamara is suffering from pnd - where are her friends?' one asked. 'Her support network? She's a great Mum but seems so alone'.

'That feeling when your child really doesn't want to go to school is so heart wrenching. No mumma wants to see their baby upset and you do feel guilty leaving them,' another agreed.

One fan praised the heiress for spending so much time with her daughter, saying: 'I love that Tamara doesn't pass her child off into some private school nursery all day. She is financially able to fully mother her for those early years that do fly by', whis fan simply empathised with the mum: 'Watching #TamarasWorld and I'm in floods of tears! Remember when my first born went to nursery, I sat outside waiting for it to finish.'

'We've all been here - worst time ever but it will get better, she will love you more,' another encouraged.

What do you think? Is Tamara 'obsessed' with her toddler? Let us know in the comments box below.


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