Gaz Beadle’s pregnant girlfriend Emma McVey reveals she’s worried childbirth will be ‘horrific’

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  • Gaz Beadle’s girlfriend Emma McVey has admitted she is worried that childbirth is going to be ‘horrific’.

    Th mum-to-be explained she’s not actually ‘nervous at all’ about the baby, but she’s ‘a little anxious about the birth’.

    ‘The more I think about it, the more I panic and worry it’s going to be horrific, so I think we’re just going to go with the flow. I would love a nice, quick and natural birth’, the model said in her latest blog for OK! magazine.

    ‘I’d rather not have an epidural as the thought of it freaks me out, but one thing the midwife did say was that my hips are so small and narrow that it&’s harder for birth but I’m not sure why.’

    Since hearing this news from her midwife, Emma explained she’s been having really strange dreams, one being that her baby was born ‘with a full set of teeth’.

    Last week, Emma travelled to London with Gaz for her final scan appointment, where she revealed on the blog that her baby boy weighed a healthy 6lb 4oz, despite being trolled throughout her pregnancy for having a really small baby bump.

    Yesterday she posted her latest bump pic to Instagram, which she captioned: ‘#9monthspregnant hi little baba’.

    #9monthspregnant hi little baba.

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    Referencing it on her OK! magazine blog, the mum-to-be said: ‘I posted a baby bump picture this week, despite all the negative comments I’ve had previously about the size of it, you can definitely see how big it is now.’

    With less than week to go, Emma has said they’re heading back down to London ahead of her due date to get a bit more settled, as she’s booked into a private maternity clinic.

    Wanting to have her Geordie Shore boyfriend there for support and for the whole experience, Emma wrote: ‘We mainly chose the hospital as there’s no private ones up North to have a baby, so it would mean I might have to stay in without Gary.

    ‘I hate the idea of Gary having to leave after the baby’s been born, I don’t think it’s fair, it’s a one time in his life thing – unless we have another – and I want it to be a special for us both as it can be.’