‘It’s rock hard and painful’ Georgia Jones praised by fans after honest post on breastfeeding side effects

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  • Georgia Jones has been praised by fans after she opened up about the realities of breastfeeding her newborn son, Cooper Alf.

    The new mum welcomed her first child with husband Danny Jones in January, and has since been sharing very honest posts about motherhood, including one portaying the reality of post-partum bodies, with a picture she took shortly after giving birth.

    Now she’s revealed on Instagram that she’s suffering from an ‘engorged boob’ as a result of childbirth.

    Sharing a close-up image of her swollen breast, Georgia said: ‘NO! This isn’t a sexy Valentine’s Day selfie! This is me and my engorged boob…. it’s hot, red, rock hard and pretty painful! So full with milk it feels like it’s going to pop!’

    She then offered advice to any mum going through the same issues as she is, adding: ‘But this is sooooo incredibly common….

    ‘New mummies… if this happens to you get yourself in a nice hot bath/shower and massage the heck out of that boob! It’s not pleasant, but trust me it really helps get that milk flowing & eases the pressure!’

    Her followers were quick to comment on the post, sharing their own experiences and advice – while others thanked Georgia for raising awareness about the painful side effect.

    ‘Yikes! I remember that feeling! My boy is 8 months and i still get like that from time to time.hot baths definitely helps!’, one fan wrote.

    Another said: ‘Savoy cabbage! Honestly. Get a raw Savoy cabbage leaf in your bra. It works wonders. Sounds mad, but I promise it helps.’

    While a third said: ‘Thank you for being so honest and sharing the realities of pregnancy! So many celebrities make it look so easy and it’s nice to see that you are so real with us!’

    A fourth added: ‘Well done for raising awareness for this! I had no idea this happened first time round and ended up in a right state with mastitis. Top work. Hope it eases.’

    Georgia and her husband Danny announced they were expecting their first child back in July and welcomed little Cooper Alf last month.