The Handmaid’s Tale actress Yvonne Strahovski opens up about unusual pregnancy symptom

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  • The Handmaid's Tale star Yvonne Strahovski has revealed some ‘really gross’ symptoms of pregnancy.

    The Australian actress announced that she is expecting her first child with husband Tim Loden earlier this month, and has since discovered there are certain side effects of pregnancy that nobody warns you about.

    ‘This is really gross..I had excessive saliva,’ the 35-year-old admitted.

    ‘I had to carry around a little Spittoon around with me at all times which is just horrendous,’ she said to Channel 10 hosts.

    She added: ‘I was very nauseous…there’s a lot of pregnancy symptoms that nobody tells you about.

    ‘Thankfully I have not vomited but the nausea is very real.’

    Yvonne, who portrays a woman haunted by her struggle to conceive in the hit show, also admitted it was not easy hiding her pregnancy during filming.

    ‘It was quite interesting hiding the pregnancy actually in my first trimester (so it) was (from) episode 9 through to the end of the Handmaid’s tale,’ she revealed.

    ‘That’s why it got tricky. In the end I was over hiding it, you know what, I’m pregnant. People thought I had the Flu. They were scared to come near me.’

    Yvonne announced her pregnancy earlier this month on Instagram, showing off her growing baby bump in a clingy pink dress.

    Captioning the snap, she said: ‘I am very excited to finally be able to share my special news – I’m going to be a Mama!

    ‘So very exciting to watch & feel this little Peanut growing every day!’

    Fans quickly sent messages of congratulations to the star, with one posting: ‘Congratulations! I have being a fan of yours for years and truly hope for a beautiful healthy baby for the lucky mama.’

    Another said: ‘Congratulations on your news – you look even more stunning’

    Yvonne recently told Stellar magazine of her desire to start a family of her own, admitting ‘it’s definitely something’ she wants for her future.