Toddler who lost her limbs to meningitis gets a doll with matching prosthetics

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  • A two-year-old who lost her limbs to meningitis has been given a doll that’s ‘just like her’.

    Harmonie-Rose Allen, from Bath, was just ten months old when she developed meningitis B, which took her arms, legs and tip of her nose. At the time, doctors gave her just a 10 per cent change of survival, telling her parents it was ‘one of the worst cases they’d ever seen’.

    Thankfully, she defied their predictions and beat the bug, and was fitted with prosthetic limbs in November. Since then, she’s been learning to adjust to life as a quadruple amputee, including taking her first steps unaided – and now she’s been given a very special doll that will help her along the way.

    ‘The dolls name is Rebecca. She loves it and she says “she’s like me mummy!”‘, Harmonie-Rose’s mum Freya explains.

    ‘The company that makes them [A Step Ahead Prosthetics] changes many dolls for children so it’s just like them and that did one for her.’

    ‘It will encourage Harmonie to use her own prosthetic legs because she’s not the only one.’

    ‘Also because she’s never met a quadruple amputee in her life it’s nice to show her they do exist.’

    A Step Ahead is an American company that specialises in prosthetics, who worked to adapt the doll to make her look just like Harmonie. A friend of the family, Michelle Clark, who picked up the doll and brought it back to the UK.

    ‘She is already loved very much in this house and I know she will be Harmonie’s best friend for ever,’ Freya added.

    The family share updates on Harmonie’s progress on their Facebook page, Hope for Harmonie, and many commenters have been thrilled to see the little girl’s new sidekick.

    ‘What a special gift for her, great to see the doll world is starting to think we are not all the same! A well loved child with her own to love and share her life with…’ one wellwisher commented.

    Another added, ‘That’s wonderful they have so much in common, that’s so important, each child needs to feel some connection to their toys.’

    ‘Memories being made now will last forever – priceless! Bless her, a very special doll for a very special little girl!’