Harper Beckham gets her hair cut by dad David and someone isn’t happy about it…

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  • Harper Beckham decided she finally wanted to have her hair cut short and dad David was very sad about her decision...

    Harper Beckham has been rocking long hair for the last few years and regularly sported impressively neat plaits.

    However, the only daughter of Victoria and David Beckham, who recently turned seven, has decided to switch up her look and cut her hair short.

    💕💕💕💕 kisses from mummy x

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    Harper has had long hair for as long as we can remember! 

    Eagle-eyed fans of the Beckham’s noticed that Harper had cut her hair shorter a few days ago but it’s only now that confirmation has emerged on the Beckham’s social media.

    Doting dad David posted a picture of himself cutting his daughter’s hair – much to his own disappointment!

    The caption read: ‘Someone’s happy and someone’s not so happy.’

    David has previously spoken about how much he loved Harper’s ‘Princess hair’ but it seems as though he has already taken to Harper’s shorter hairdo.

    He gushed: ‘But I didn’t think it was possible for this little one to look anymore beautiful’.

    Given the recent heat it is no surprise that Harper wanted to cut her hair short and it will be much more manageable for the x-year-old when she has to get ready in the mornings for school come September.

    Although Harper doesn’t have her own Instagram account just yet, she has a huge fanbase and people are loving the little one’s new look.

    One person wrote: ‘She is so beautiful and lovely 😍’.

    Another said: ‘Beautiful baby 👸🦄😍❤🙌’.

    A third commented: ‘How cute 😍❤’.

    Others commented on how cute is was that David got to do the cutting despite not being very happy about it!

    One person said: ‘Such a dad moment ❤ this is so precious’.

    Another wrote: ‘Always amazing when dad’s can cut there daughters hair. One of my favourite things to do for my babies.’

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