Mum-of-two Helen Skelton opens up about being ‘grabbed’ live on air while pregnant

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  • BBC presenter Helen Skelton has revealed that she was once ‘grabbed’ while pregnant and presenting live on air and ‘didn’t know what to do’ in the awful and ‘intimidating’ situation.Helen gave birth to her second baby Louis in April last year and she recently recalled her painful and ‘mortifying’ home birth.

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    Speaking to the Telegraph the former Blue Peter star has now revealed her horrendous experience of being inappropriately touched by an interviewee while she was pregnant with her first son Ernie, who is now nearly three-years-old.

    Helen regularly presents shows like Countryfile and the Commonwealth Games for the BBC but she admits that she felt unable to speak about the incident at the time.

    Detailing what happened, Helen said: ‘Basically this guy grabbed me on the arse when I was presenting live telly. I felt really awkward about it.’

    She continued: ‘I was pregnant at the time as well. I didn’t really know what to do. It’s intimidating and you don’t want to be the person who is being difficult and awkward.’

    Helen with her two sons Ernie and Louis and her husband, professional rugby player, Richie Myler

    The host explained that this kind of attitude is common in the industry. She said: ‘That’s just the culture that television breeds. No one wants to be difficult. You want to bring solutions, not problems. We are all “happy, happy…”.’

    Helen said the incident happened at a sporting event in 2014. Her co-host Colin Murray intervened which reassured Helen who was pregnant with her firstborn Ernie at the time.

    Despite finding the situation incredibly uncomfortable at the time Helen is determined not to let it ‘become her identity’.

    She said that she was happy with how it was handled and the man was disciplined.

    Helen explained that the reason she was speaking about it now was to highlight the fact that many women feel uncomfortable speaking up about these kinds of situations at work because they are too embarrassed.

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