Heartbreaking photo shows mother’s cancer pain as her eight-year-old son comforts her

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  • A mum suffering with breast cancer has shared a heartbreaking photo of her eight-year-old son comforting her while she lies in pain, in a bid to raise money for medical bills.

    Lori Wright, a mum of one from Australia, has been battling stage 4 metastatic breast cancer for the last three years.

    But tragically the single mum’s financial resources have come to an end, leaving her with little options for treating her cancer.

    Lori’s son Tristan, eight, has been by her side throughout her cancer struggle, watching her go through the pain of her illness. Now, Lori is scared that she won’t be around for Tristan for much longer without help paying for her medical bills.

    In a last attempt to raise funds, Lori has set up a GoFundMe campaign called ‘help Tristan keep his mummy alive’.

    ‘Lori has been fighting stage 4 metastisized breast cancer for the last 3 years. Her 8 year old son Tristan, has endured this marathon of watching his mum go through all types of pain and heartache over this time’, the page reads.

    ‘Until now, it’s been tolerable, however Lori’s condition has reached a critical point that requires countless, expensive treatments to not only manage the pain, but to sustain her life so she can watch her little boy become a man.

    ‘As a single mum, her finances have run completely dry leaving her no where to go from here but to ask for the kindness and generosity of the good people of the world to help prolong her life for both her and her son.

    ‘Please put yourself in her position. The financial stress only feeds the problem. We can help alleviate that burden for both of them by giving just a little bit each.’

    Image: GoFundMe

    So far this devastating situation has prompted donations from friends, family and generous strangers and has raised $14,000 of the $24,000 goal since the page was started 11 days ago.

    Many people visiting the page have left comments of support, empathy and shared their own stories – some even offering to come and cook meals for little Tristan.

    One GoFundMe user wrote, ‘I don’t know you and you don’t know me but I know what it’s like to be a solo parent and when like to offer my time to help you out with cooking dinners, cleaning house or anything you are unable to do while you go through this process.’

    Another commented, ‘My little daughter and I send our well wishes. We were a single parent family for a while. You are both incredibly brave.’

    A third added, ‘I hope you beat this terrible illness. I was lucky i was diagnosed very early on but all i could think about was my son and not leaving him. I hope you get better stay strong my friend was stage 4 and she is still going strong ten years later.’