Hilaria Baldwin hits back at critics who judge her for having 'so many children'

Hilaria Baldwin has blasted those who criticised her and her actor husband Alec for wanting to add a fourth baby to their brood.

Hilaria Baldwin has hit back at online trolls who criticised her and husband Alec for having 'so many children'.

The mum-of-three, who announced her pregnancy via a sweet Instagram post at the weekend, shared an adorable video of her children hanging out together, with a caption blasting those who criticised her and her actor husband Alec for wanting to add a fourth baby to their brood.

'Thank you all for your sweet comments about our new baby to be!' Hilaria began the post.

'Have read a few comments about why we like having so many children that made me laugh…' she continued.

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'Some say it must be a religious thing—it's not. Some say it's because I want all of Alec's money—babies are expensive, so I don't see how that makes any sense. Plus, like any married couple, it's all "ours". After nearly 7 years together, 5 plus years of marriage, and almost 4 kids: aren't we over that yet???'

She finished her post by saying: 'Here is why we like having babies: they are simply so lovely and bring so much joy. Plus, I feel like we need to populate this world with a whole next generation of really good people. My little Baldwinitos are such good souls and I hope they continue to grow and make this world a better place.'

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The 33-year-old's fans and followers were quick to respond to her strong statement.

'I am astonished you even felt you had to respond to people's judgment on your choice to expand your family. You don't. But thank you for sharing your family and your world with us,' wrote one supportive fan, whilst other people said they were 'moved' by her response.

Some of Hilaria's followers even sympathised with the star because they too had shared similar experiences.

'I have 4 children and receive negative responses all of the time! It frustrates me so much that ppl feel the need to judge others for having "too many" children,' said one of the star's fans.

Hilaria and Alec are parents to three children – their daughter Carmen, four, and sons Rafael, two, and Leonardo, who turned one in September. They revealed in a sweet Instagram video over the weekend that their fourth baby is another little boy for their brood.


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