Holly Willoughby has been ‘mum-shamed’ for enjoying a night out without her children

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  • Holly Willoughby has been criticised on social media for enjoying a night out while her children stayed at home.

    The-mum-of-three caused a debate online after sharing snaps from her evening at The Streets gig with pal Nicole Appleton and frontman Mike Skinner, in South London on Thursday.

    But some of her Instagram followers were left unimpressed and blasted Holly for being away from her children, Harry, eight, Belle, seven, and Chester, three, and husband Dan Baldwin.

    Wearing a ‘Bad girls go backstage’ T-shirt, Holly’s night of fun was slammed by some people who ‘mum-shamed’ her and called her partying ‘sad’.

    One critic said: ‘Works hard certainly plays hard. Missing out on time with her kids that’s sad they must miss her no replacement for mom…’


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    Another moaned: ‘I just know where I’d rather be she works more than most and is pictured at a lot of celebrity functions. I like her she’s great but it’s sad that she might be missing out that’s all’.

    A third complained: ‘God she’s never in! How does she do it? I have one son and I can only get out every three months!… When are u home with your kids ????…’

    However, others defended Holly, with some even questioning whether her husband Dan would face the same criticism for a night out.

    Slime factory… 💙💚💛🧡💜

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    One said: ‘Any mum is allowed a night off its not unheard off. Would you be saying this about her husband if he was on a night out?!?! Get a grip people. She’s just spending some time with her friend! Stop the mum shaming. You rule holly!’

    Another added: ‘People need to get a grip and stop criticising her. She’s allowed to care for her children and have a night off! All I see on social media lately is women critiquing other women! And celebrity’s getting bashed for everything they do…’

    While a third said: ‘Omg she works hard and provides for her children, she’s allowed to have a night off to let her hair done… she works 4 mornings a week and celebrity juice one evening. And once her kids in bed she’s enjoying a night out. What’s wrong with that?…’