Holly Willoughby reveals she gained three stone during each of her pregnancies

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  • Holly Willoughby has revealed that she gained three stone during each of her pregnancies, while discussing new guidelines suggesting that 2.7 stone should be the maximum gain.

    Holly Willoughby is mum to three gorgeous children and, like many women, she put on weight during each of her pregnancies.

    Speaking with This Morning’s resident doctor Dr Chris Steele and co-presenter Philip Schofield, Holly revealed that she consistently gained around three stone while she was expecting.

    The trio were discussing how each woman’s experience during pregnancy can vary, after midwives have suggested that expectant mothers must try harder to control how much weight they gain during pregnancy.

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    Dr Chris explained that the maximum weight gain for women who are not considered obese before pregnancy should be no more than 2.7 stone.

    Holly Willoughby pregnant

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    Holly pregnant with her first child, Harry, back in 2009

    Holly explained that no one at her antenatal class weighed her or monitored her weight. It was only as she kept a track that she noticed the weight gain.

    Speaking to Dr Chris Holly said: ‘I weighed myself. I put on three stone with each of them. Which is more than the 2.7 you said.’

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    According to a new study, that once again demystifies the common belief that during pregnancy you can ‘eat for two’, excess weight gain during pregnancy can have adverse effects on the unborn child.

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    The study, conducted in Hong Kong on 905 mothers, found that gaining too much weight during pregnancy could put your unborn child at an increased risk of insulin resistance and high blood pressure.

    It also found that the child is likely to be born larger than the average newborn and may have a higher BMI, which could eventually lead to cardio-metabolic risks in the future.

    Did you gain weight while you were pregnant? Did you gain more with subsequent children? Was your weight monitored or commented on by health professionals and do you think there should be more guidance? Head over to our Facebook page to join the conversation, we’d love to hear from you! 

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