How to improve your recipes

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  • Ever wish you were more inventive with your cooking but find it hard to get round to trying new recipes? We all have our old favourites to cook and eat, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try out new things every now and then.

    Introducing new recipes is a great way to get the family to eat healthily. You can also build up a few recipes you’re confident in that you can use when friends come round for dinner. And if you’re clever about it, you can use new recipes to save you time (for example by making something that can also go in the kids’ lunchboxes the next day).

    Follow the tips below to make you more confident cook in no time – plus we’ll show you how to use Microsoft OneNote 2010 to track your recipes.

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    Easy ways to improve your cooking

    Experiment with recipes you already know: Make a few small changes to one of your old favourites and see how it turns out. An easy way to do this is to add different herbs and spices (fresh ones will make more of an impact) but you could also try using different veg, switching the meat and so on.

    Research new recipes: If you’re trying out something brand new, it’s a good idea to have a look at more than one recipe. Then you can pick the one you prefer!

    Take your time: Be realistic about when it’s a good time to try out something new – Saturday or Sunday afternoons are probably a better idea than weeknights, when you’ve been running around after the kids and are feeling a bit stressed.

    Keep trying: Don’t be disheartened if something goes wrong – we bet even the celebrity chefs make regular mistakes

    Keep notes of your results: When you try something new, make a note of what you did differently and how it turned out. Also note down any ideas you have for cooking that dish in the future. Microsoft OneNote 2010 is a great way to keep track of your recipes – our guide below shows you how to keep track of your recipes using OneNote.

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    Track your recipes with Microsoft OneNote 2010

    Microsoft Office: How to improve your recipesWith Microsoft OneNote 2010 you can keep all your recipes in one virtual notebook. Add your own pictures, make your own adjustments to the ingredients and method and makes notes for how you could improve the recipe in future. Keeping track of the changes you make and any ideas you have will help you to develop your cooking skills. 

     Use our step-by-step gallery to find out how to track your recipes using Microsoft OneNote 2010

    Some great recipes to start you off

    Here at goodtoknow, we’ve got thousands of recipes you can try – why not use our What’s in my fridge tool to see what you can cook without a trip to the shops. Or, just search for whatever you fancy with our recipes A-Z

    If you’re still stuck for ideas -here’s a few that we recommend: 

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