How to raise a strong girl: a book-by-book guide to inspiring young women

International Women's Day is the perfect time to invest in an inspiring read for your daughter.
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  • With so much pressure on parents these days, it can be difficult to add another thing to the ever-growing parenting to-do list.

    But we can all agree that raising our children’s self-esteem is pretty vital for their long-term happiness.

    A recent study by Girlguiding UK revealed that over 1 in 4 girls aged seven to ten believed boys were better than girls at “being strong”. While over half of girls under 21 said that they felt they could not speak freely because of their gender.

    In light of International Women’s Day this weekend, we spoke to Nicola Rowley, author and Founder of the Working Mum Association, about how to raise a strong girl.

    How to raise a strong girl

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    Nicola says, firstly, support and encouragement for children need to start at a young age. “Parents should be mindful of the language they use around their children and look to instil from an early age that their daughters can be and do anything.

    “Nothing is off limits.” Nicola emphasises, “When reading books, be aware if the main characters are all male or if there is a male bias. Girls need to see role models so they can grow up feeling confident that they too can achieve great things.

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    “There is a saying that empowered women empower women and on this International Women’s Day nothing could be more true. We need to support and guide the next generation of girls so they grow up without limiting beliefs or a feeling they can’t do something. We need to harness their inner strength so they too can grow up to be strong, courageous leaders of tomorrow.”

    With this in mind, here are seven fantastic books that we love on how to raise a strong girl and equip your daughter so that she grows into the strongest woman she can be…