9 ingenious hacks for hiding YOUR treats from your kids

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  • We’re not cruel parents. We’re really not.

    We love nothing more than seeing our little ones’ faces light up with the promise of ice cream or sweeties. But hey, you never grow out of those kinds of simple pleasures and sometimes we want to enjoy the treats all to ourselves.

    Luckily some parents have worked out some ingenious ways to outsmart their kids (hey, it’s not always as easy as you think it should be, okay?) and given us back our one-on-one time with a nice Galaxy (or seven).

    Feast your eyes on this expert advice…

    Always know the value of a good ally

    Although that cat doesn’t look like she’s willing to share, either.

    Use the housework as a diversion tactic

    What have you become? Geniuses, that’s what!

    Hide your goods in the one place you know they’ll never look

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    We know we’re grown ups now, but even we’d take a Snickers over an edamame bean.

    Learn the art of the double bluff


    Yep, that is a biscuit tin full of biscuits. The magic is in the simplicity.

    Don’t be afraid to fight dirty for some alone time

    Desperate times call for desperate measures – and those kids are ruthless!

    And keep your safe space well stocked

    If you’re going to hide in the bathroom, sustenance is essential.

    Take your mission to new, exotic heights

    ‘…Even I can’t reach them!’

    Use the power of knowledge to your advantage

    Because no one will get excited about microbiology, she’s totally right!

    And if all else fails, lie right to their faces

    Sophie Coop

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    Mum gets to have her jelly beans and eat them too… whilst her three year old daughter gets her greens. Everyone’s a winner!

    Know a genius snack-hiding hack that we’ve missed from our round up? We’d love to hear about it so we can try it for ourselves – let us know your best ideas in the comment section below!