Jacqueline Jossa opens up about pregnancy fears after trip to hospital

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  • Pregnant Jacqueline Jossa has revealed that doctors were concerned over the size of her bump and that she went to hospital after she was unable to feel her baby move.

    Jacqueline Jossa is already mum to three-year-old Ella, and announced that she was expecting her second child with husband Dan Osborne back in January. 

    In Jacqueline’s most recent video blog, she explains that she couldn’t feel her baby move as much as she thought she should be and went to hospital to get it checked out.

    She said: ‘Baby is 31 weeks now. I went to the hospital last week just because I wasn’t feeling as much movement. I don’t know if you remember me saying last week vlog I saw, it’s a completely [different] pregnancy altogether which is fine.’

    Jacqueline has said previously that when she was pregnant with Ella her body didn’t change until around six months and that she had very little sickness. With her second though the actress has really been struggling.

    I love the summer and I actually don’t mind the winter, it’s the in between I don’t love so much! This summer I have so much to look forward too! My 2 best friends slash cousins are both getting married!💞 I couldn’t be happier for them both. @sarahelizabeth_a @ciarasherwood 🤭❤️💁🏼‍♀️Also our last member of this family will be here!! Ready to meet there older brother and sister!! I can’t wait to meet you now baby🙊 I also have a lovely 2 week holiday slung in there too which is always nice and I can’t remember the last time I’ve had the time for that!! There are so many things I want to achieve after the summer and have such a buzz now I am so excited to start working on some new stuff and hopefully get some great parts🤞get back to what I love doing! My mind is constantly working on what’s next and I am just so excited for it all. I feel ALIVE right now! Inspired and ready to go!

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    She continued: ‘But I just wanted to make sure, I wasn’t feeling baby move as much as I thought I probably, felt like I should have done. I just think it is always best to check if you don’t know, if you don’t know you’ve just got to go and check it out’.

    Jacqueline also explained that the doctors had some concerns about her bump and made her do additional tests to try and see if anything was wrong.

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    With daughter Ella happily eating her dinner beside her, Jacqueline explained: ‘We did a lot of tests and they did send me for a scan because they said my bump was looking quite small. for 30 weeks I was measuring 26 which was quite scary and I didn’t really know what to think.

    ‘But it turns out everything is okay I just need to keep an eye on things but everything is going really well and we are looking good.’

    Jacqueline stressed that if you ever have any worries it is much better to get them looked at. She reiterated her earlier message and said: ‘So everything is going really well apart from that little scare which I do feel like if you do have a doubt in your mind you should just go.’