Jamie Lynn Spears' husband Jamie Watson slammed after sharing picture of stepdaughter Maddie holding a gun

Jamie Lynn Spears
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Jamie Lynn Spears' husband Jamie Watson has come under fire after sharing a picture of his 10-year-old stepdaughter Maddie holding a gun.

The stepdad, who married Britney Spears' sister in 2014, posted of picture of Maddie alongside the caption: 'Getting her ready for dove season'.

While hunting doves is legal in Louisiana, where the couple live with their children, many people on social media had mixed feelings after seeing the snap.

Some of the family's fans and followers criticised them for the picture, with some branding them 'irresponsible' for their behaviour.

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One said: 'A 10 year old with a shotgun. If that’s not redneck I don’t know what is'; while another commented: 'You're so irresponsible. Guns are not a toy'.

A third added: 'It’s ironic they post about their amazing dog (who is totally dependent on them) all the time when they then go and kill animals that are living their own lives minding their own business. Teaching kids to kill things is weird leave that till they’re older, man.'

One user even went as far as saying they are 'bad parents', and another said: 'A girl should NEVER carry a shotgun or learn to KILL animals. Maddie is an amazing girl. Do not teach her to learn these horrible things'.

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However, some people did not see a problem with the parents choosing to teaching Maddie how to handle a gun. One person commented: 'To all the people complaining about Maddie holding a gun. Teaching a young women gun safety is a great thing and a way of life for people who chose it . It's not like anyone asked you to shoot the gun, so keep your opinions to yourself and unfollow if you don't like it.'

Another said: 'Great photo. I remember when i shot my first shotgun and rifle. Taught me safety and responsibility. Nothing wrong with this.'

Jamie and Jamie Lynn began dating in 2010, the same year the mum spilt from Maddie's dad, Casey Aldrige, and got married four years later.

The couple welcomed their first child together back in April, over a year after Maddie was involved in a serious accident. Back in February 2017, the then eight-year-old was submerged underwater for several minutes after accidentally driving a quad bike into a pond. Thankfully she recovered fully.

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