Jeff Brazier calls the week of Mother’s Day and Jade Goody’s death a ‘cruel blow’ for his sons

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  • Jeff Brazier has shared a heartbreaking tweet, telling followers how hard it is having the anniversary of Jade Goody’s death and Mother’s Day in the same week.

    Last week marked the eight year anniversary of Jade Goody’s cancer diagnosis, and her former partner Jeff has spoken out about what a difficult time of year it is for the two sons she left behind.

    The life coach took to Twitter to express how glad he was to see the back of last week, reminding his 492k followers that 27th March is the anniversary of the death of the mother to his sons, Freddie and Bobby.

    Jeff wrote, ‘Glad last week’s over. I try & reduce the impact but having Jades anniversary & Mother’s Day in the same week is a cruel blow for the boys.’

    Fans rushed to console Jeff, writing sweet messages of support and even sharing their own experiences of grief on Mother’s Day.

    One Twitter user wrote, ‘you’re an incredible dad! The boys are such lovely young lads and Jade will be so proud xx’.

    Another follower said, ‘those poor boys, Jade was a beautiful lady inside & out! Everything she did was for your boys! You are doing an amazing job x’

    Whilst another agreed with Jeff, admitting they also struggle with Mother’s Day, ‘I felt the burden ease as well today. It can be a tough day for a lot of people. Your doing a great job with those boys though’

    Jeff pictured with Jade back in 2005 at V Festival

    Shortly afterwards Jeff took to Twitter again to share what he’s grateful for as part of his campaign on how to deal with grief.

    Describing his sons’ astonishing positivity after a ‘difficult week’, the 37-year-old praised them for their ‘resilience’.

    The dad-of-two wrote, ‘#Grateful for the boys mood brightening up today now a difficult week’s behind them. Time & time again they astound me with their resilience.’

    Fans praised Jeff for being a ‘great dad’, calling him an ‘inspiration’ and ‘role model’.

    One follower said, ‘credit goes to you! – you have been an amazing inspiration to lots of people and most of all your boys – I’m sure of that 👬💖’

    Whilst another added, ‘Stay strong your a great dad and role model to Bobby and Freddie. If your ever in Middlesbrough give me a shout. #greatdad’