Jenna Coleman praised for her sensitive depiction of postnatal depression on ITV's Victoria

The queen's relationship with her young children was said to be difficult

Actress Jenna Coleman has been praised by fans for her sensitive portrayal of postnatal depression during a recent episode of ITV's Victoria.

The series follows Queen Victoria's earliest years as queen, her relationship with husband Prince Albert and the pregnancies and births of her nine children.

In the latest episode, Victoria and Albert welcomed the second children – a son, Bertie, who would go on to become King Edward VII.

Despite having so many children, Victoria's relationships with them were said to be distant in their earlier years, with Albert taking on the majority of hands-on parenting responsibilities whilst she focused on her role as monarch.

And in an episode praised for its historical accuracy, Jenna executed a much-applauded performance suffering from postnatal depression, even at a time when mental health conditions were not recognised.

Whilst for doctors of the time PND was not acknowledged as a health condition, the programme showed that Victoria was able to find comfort in a conversation with the Duchess of Buccleuch, a distant relative of hers, played by Dame Diana Rigg.

The Duchess, a mother herself, told Victoria she was 'not the first woman to struggle' after giving birth, and offered some tender words of wisdom about things getting easier with time.

Many fans have praised the scenes as being incredibly important for a series about Victoria's earliest years as queen. As some point out, just because mental health was not spoken about at the time, it doesn't mean that many women, including the queen, didn't experience these feelings.

'#Victoria @VictoriaSeries If #PND story is true I wonder if it had been shown back then if we would still be fighting for services today?' asked one impressed viewer.

Another said: 'Great to see @VictoriaSeries highlighting postnatal depression. It existed then just as it does now. #hiddenhalf.'

'Love the sensitive approach to Victoria's problems with repercussions of difficult birth @VictoriaSeries #Victoria,' said another, whilst a fourth added: '@VictoriaSeries giving a portrayal of how Post-Natal Depression existed even in the 19th century is SO worth talking about.'

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