Jodie Marsh reveals plans to find a sperm donor after ‘disaster’ marriage ends

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  • Jodie Marsh has taken to the This Morning sofa to reveal her plans to start a family on her own.

    The 37-year-old model appeared on the programme to chat to Phil and Holly about reviving her previous plans to find a sperm donor, after the end of her ‘disaster’ marriage.

    When asked by Phil ‘So what’s happened here?’, Jodie replied: ‘I’m not going to talk about the disaster that was my marriage, other than to say I’m very embarrassed.’

    Jodie and her husband James Placido split in April, less than a year after they tied the knot. Before meeting her husband the model had been celibate for five years and was looking into the option of a sperm donor, but gave this up when they met. It seems the star has since returned to her celibate ways however, insisting she’s given up sex.

    The model explained she thought she’d finally found the right guy, and although she’d seriously considered finding a sperm donor before meeting James, she’d changed her mind because he promised her a baby.

    ‘Before I even met him I was looking into sperm donation because I realised that time is ticking… so I’d done loads of research on it… I’d decided I’d go to Denmark because the donors are anonymous’

    ‘Then I met James and he convinced me that I didn’t need a sperm donor and now I’m back to square one…’

    Jodie and James in happier times

    Jodie told Holly and Phil that she’s hoping to go to America to seek out the perfect donor, and plans to film her journey to becoming a mum for a TV documentary.

    She added: ‘It depends on how much money a channel might offer… You could follow my journey as to how it happens… I’ve been told I’ve got a low egg count it might be very difficult for me to conceive.’

    Jodie admitted she was ‘genuinely happy’ on her own, and felt that finding a sperm donor was the only option for her: ‘I have exhausted partners, I just can’t do it anymore… I can’t put myself out there trying to find love and have it thrown in my face.’

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