John Lewis Christmas advert slammed for ‘ruining Santa’ for kids

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  • The John Lewis Christmas advert 2016 is facing backlash from parents complaining that it ruins Father Christmas for their kids.

    While many adored little Bridget, Buster the Boxer, and the cheeky night-time animals who took a turn on the trampoline featured in the ad, others complained that Santa didn’t make an appearance, saying that it made their children question his existence.

    In the advert, Bridget’s dad labours over the trampoline she’s getting for Christmas, having to build it from scratch in his freezing back garden whilst her mum tucks her in to bed on Christmas Eve.

    But parents are upset and confused that her dad is building the item in question, and not Santa.

    ‘I don’t understand the John Lewis advert… Why is the dad putting up a trampoline? I thought Santa delivered the gifts? #confused’ wrote one person on Twitter.

    ‘Great new ad but how to explain to my kids that the dad is setting up trampoline. could ruin xmas for our house #johnlewis #bustertheboxer.’ tweeted someone else.

    ‘Thanks a flipping lot!!!!!! My now newly seven year old doesn’t believe and is telling her two year old brother santa doesn’t exsist [sic]! #johnlewisruinedchristmasforchildren’ wrote one person one the retailer’s Facebook page.

    ‘I cannot believe that ye have made an ad showing the DAD putting out the presents are ye completely stupid or just plain selfish and thoughtless. Ye could now completely shatter the magic of Christmas for some children I know for sure that ad will be turned off in my house,’ wrote another angry parent.

    Others have had enough of all the complaints, defending the advert and providing answers to tell your children if they get suspicious.

    ‘Are people seriously moaning about dad building the trampoline? Just say, Santa delivered it and dad had to build it as Santa had to get away to deliver more presents. I mean really….’ wrote one person.

    ‘John Lewis this is why we love you. I love that the parents actually get credit for the presents – to those complaining….are parents no longer allowed to buy their kids what they really want?…anyway getting a trampoline down the chimney would have been quite frankly ridiculous…!’ commented another person.

    John Lewis has spoken out about the backlash, offering an explanation as to why Santa wasn’t around.

    ‘We’re sure Father Christmas has also visited Bridget and Buster the night before, this is just an extra special gift from her parents because she loves to bounce,’ said a spokesperson.

    What do you think – has John Lewis ruined Santa for kids, or is the advert keeping the spirit of Christmas alive? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below.