The long-awaited John Lewis Christmas ad is finally here (and you’re going to love Buster the Boxer!)

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  • We’ve all been anxiously looking out for any possible signs that the John Lewis Christmas advert is hitting our TV screens, and now that it’s here, we can finally get excited for Christmas!

    John Lewis is known for using cute animals in its iconic adverts, we all remember the adorable story of the bear and the hare and of course the 2014 penguin who got us more than a little teary.

    But this year’s furry friend is a lovable Boxer dog called Buster, and he’s the star of the £7million ad, along with his little girl owner Bridget.

    As the advert unfolds we learn that Bridget loves to bounce, whether it’s on the sofa or a space hopper, so her parents give her the ultimate bouncy Christmas present – a trampoline!

    Working through the night to erect it ready in the garden for Christmas morning, her mum and dad have everything prepared for when Bridget wakes up.

    What they couldn’t have guessed, though, is how much the inhabitants of their back yard would also love it!

    Throughout the early hours of the morning a whole host of classic British wildlife animals try out the trampoline, including foxes and hedgehogs, much to the envy of poor Buster who just has to watch from the window.

    However, once Christmas morning comes and Bridget’s surprise is unveiled, it’s Buster who has the last laugh when the doors to the garden open and he bounds onto the trampoline getting in a bounce before his six-year-old owner.

    See the ad in full here:

    The nation have been patiently waiting for everyone’s favourite Christmas advert to come out, especially after a mysterious Twitter account @bouncing2016 sparked everyone’s interest.

    On the 7th November they posted a cryptic video of a lovable Boxer dog, who in real life goes by the name of Biff, watching his owner, a little girl, bouncing on a space hopper in their frosty back garden.

    The hashtag #bouncebounce appears at the end, in a similar font to the one John Lewis used for its previous Christmas adverts.

    Thousands of people were already guessing that it was a sneak peek of this year’s advert, and then the account posted yet another video.

    This time, Buster is nodding his head again and watching the girl bounce on the sofa.

    In the final video before the advert’s release, Buster is seen watching the girl bounce on her bed.

    Everyone was guessing what the advert would be about – from Biff getting his own pogo stick to an entire trampoline for Christmas. And it seems they weren’t far off!

    Was this year’s advert what you were expecting – or was it totally different? Let us know in the comments below!