'Never again' Katie Piper reveals why she won't have any more children after welcoming second child

The mum gave birth to Penelope in December

Katie Piper (opens in new tab) has revealed why she's not planning to have any more children after welcoming her second daughter, Penelope (opens in new tab).

She recently became a mum-of-two, after giving birth to daughter Penelope in December, but it seems that now Katie's little family of four is complete.

Speaking exclusively to GoodtoKnow at the launch of Tommee Tippee's new Perfect Prep Day & Night (opens in new tab), Katie confessed that she's not planning on having any more children, even though her husband Richard was hoping to have a boy.

When asked if another pregnancy was on the horizon, she said: 'Never again. I just think two children, and a dog, and a husband and a career is quite full on.

'I don't know if I have enough in me to dedicate to another child.'

'Initially my husband really wanted a boy but I think their sex is irrelevant, because you can have a tomboy girl who's into football, the sex doesn't determine the personality.'

However, the new mum did say that she could change her mind once her two little girls are a bit older.

'I'm only seven weeks post birth so maybe if you ask me in two years I might have changed my mind', she said.

Katie also revealed that she found her second pregnancy with Penelope harder than when she was pregnant with daughter Bella, who's turning four this year.

'I feel like it [second pregnancy] was harder. Maybe it was because I was more tired with the toddler in the daytime, and I worked right up to the end as well', she said.

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The mum-of-two also revealed that she's stopped exclusively breastfeeding (opens in new tab) her baby, a decision she made after speaking to a breastfeeding counselor when she noticed her milk was drying up.

'I think it's hard because you sort of feel like "well this is something that surely it should just come naturally" but I think the more you stress about it, the more the milk supply dries up.

'Speaking to a breastfeeding councillor put it into perspective for me that the most important thing was that the baby was getting fed and that it wasn't driving me insane with guilt.

'I'm not going to feel bad about this or hide it because then I'm adding to that issue where there's that shame attached to it.'

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