‘It’s a no from me’ Katie Piper splits fans after revealing she’s eating baby daughter’s food

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  • Mum-of-two Katie Piper revealed that her daughter was refusing to eat the homemade baby food she had prepared. Instead of wasting it, Katie decided to plate it up for herself and it's divided opinions among her fans...

    With the weather so hot recently it’s likely your little ones are struggling to sleep and they might have even lost their appetite.

    It can be frustrating when you’ve prepared dinner for your family and gone to the extra effort of making something specifically for your babies, and then they turn their noses up at it.

    Writing on Instagram, Kate revealed that when her youngest refused to eat the food she had made she couldn’t throw it away. Instead she decided to try it for herself, it’s only pureed after all…

    She asked her fans what their thoughts were and the responses were mixed! The full picture caption said: ‘Let’s hear your thoughts on tonight’s dinner….. I cooked two Smoked Hake fillets in coconut oil with Kale (till it went crispy) and sliced courgettes. 🐟🥒.

    ‘The orange purée you see is my carb – it’s actually liquidised Sweet Potatoes, Green Peppers and water that I made for Pea’s baby food but she’s not eating it, we were brought up never to waste food so I decided to use it for my dinner! 🍲👶🏾. So what do you think…………………………. A. Your gross hun B. Well done hun great initiative’.

    While some people stressed that the texture was too off-putting and that she could have frozen the food instead, others praised the mum-of-two.

    One person said: ‘Next time you could freeze it down for handy baby food on busy days x’.

    Another wrote: ‘It’s a no from me 🤣’.

    While a third added: ‘I’m sure it was yummy but as soon as i saw it, I thought of my newborns nappy explosions 😣 I’m sure you can relate 😂’.

    Katie also opened up about the struggle of getting her kids to sleep in the heat as well.

    Writing in a separate post she joked that she needed some ‘filters’ to disguise the bags under her eyes after her daughters Belle, four, and six-month-old Penelope, had her up throughout the night and struggled to settle.

    She wrote: ‘Help send filters!!! I need an Instagram filter for these eyes bags! Hot nights means no sleep for both kids – Pea decided to wake up at 5am for the day but it was Belle that had me up and down every 40mins through the entire night, “I’m hot”, “I don’t want my blanket” “where’s my blanket” “when is it Christmas” “I want a drink” “I want a biscuit” “are real fairies real” 😴😴😴’.

    Fans have thanked Katie for her honesty and several have said they can relate to the struggle of trying to keep kids cool in the heat.

    Do you have any tips on keeping kids cool and what do you think about Katie’s decision to eat the baby food… We’d love to hear your tips and thoughts so head over to our Facebook page and join the conversation!