Katie Price sparks debate with video of four-year-old son Jett with long hair

Katie Price has caused a stir on social media once again after sharing a video of her son, Jett with long curly hair.

Katie Price has caused a stir on social media once again after sharing a video of her son, Jett, with long curly hair.

The 39-year-old sparked a debate online after she uploaded the clip to her Instagram page, which sees Jett playing with a slow worm while mum Katie is trying to get him ready for dinner.

She captioned the short video: ‘Getting ready for dinner is never easy with kids lol’.

However, what Katie may have thought was a harmless video of her son playing, appears to have sparked much discussion among her followers, who were divided over Jett’s long blonde curly locks.

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While some criticised Katie’s decision to allow Jett to grow such a mane, others were envious that they didn’t possess the same luscious locks as the four-year-old.

One fan against Jett's style of hair said: ‘Cut that child’s hair ffs,’ while another added: ‘He needs a hair cut desperately’.

A third simply said: ‘He needs a haircut!’

But there were plenty of people who thought Jett’s hair was spectacular, with one gushing: ‘How gorgeous is he and his hair is amazing’.

Another said: ‘Jett his hair beautiful boy’.

A third added: ‘I love his hair... Hair envy right here x’.

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While a fourth said: ‘Look at his gorgeous locks!’

This isn't the first time Katie has come under fire from social media trolls who have taken issue with her children’s hair.

Back in February, the mum-of-five was criticised after sharing a picture of her daughter Princess with Rapunzel-like, golden blonde hair, simply captioning the image: ‘That hair.’

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But it didn’t take long for the naysayers to claim she shouldn’t neglect her daughter’s haircare and urged Katie to take Princess for a ‘good trim’.

One said: ‘No point having long hair that isn’t healthy. All those ends need going! Just saying as a professional hair dresser.’

Another nastily added: ‘Looks like rats tails. Needs a good trim.’

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